Flaghoist – Dec 2020


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As I write this Flaghoist we have put the kayaks and boat to bed for the winter and am looking out to sea at the most beautiful sunset over Wembury Bay and the Mewstone. 

Rockpool Rambling at night with a blue “UV” light.

One of the delightful things that we have done recently is rockpool rambling at night (in clam conditions) with a full moon to take advantage of the spring tides. We have a small torch with a UV (Blue) light which illuminates the rock pools amazingly well highlighting the vivid colours of the anemones plus other creatures and plants in the pools. Definitely to be recommended.

Seafarers at Sea over Christmas:

During COVID I have worked away at sea and have met many crew men and women of various nationalities, who have been unable to get home to their countries and who wereindeed unsure when they would get a reliefor get home. Some had been at sea for over six months. Please spare a thought for all those seafaring folks working away for the festive season and for their families at home. We have quite a number of seafaring families in the parish and our best wishes go to them too.

A perfect present for Christmas? How about a WSC Burgee. Fly the WSC burgee with pride at your masthead. Please contact WSC by email for details if you would like to buy one (at a very reasonable cost plus a small voluntary donation to the WSC charity fund).

WSC Donations. Each year the WSC provides donations to charities that somehow connect with the water and our activities. Wecontinue to look for nominations for the 2020/21 donations. We prefer to award donations to a charity or organisation with a local connection. If you have a charity, organisation or individual that you would like to nominate please email WSC.

Diary Dates:   The date of the AGM is Sunday 7 March 2021, 19:30.  The Boat Park will open again on April 1st, 2021. 

The following is a traditional Christmas seafarer’s poem. Christmas Eve at Sea by John Masefield: (1878 – 1967), “Christmas Eve at Sea”, appears in“Saltwater ballads” first published 1902

A WIND is rustling ” south and soft, ”
Cooing a quiet country tune,
The calm sea sighs, and far aloft
The sails are ghostly in the moon.

Unquiet ripples lisp and purr,
A block there pipes and chirps i’ the sheave,
The wheel-ropes jar, the reef-points stir
Faintly — and it is Christmas Eve.

The hushed sea seems to hold her breath;
And o’er the giddy, swaying spars,
Silent and excellent as Death,
The dim blue skies are bright with stars.

Dear God — they shone in Palestine
Like this, and yon pale moon serene
Looked down among the lowing kine
On Mary and the Nazarene.

The angels called from deep to deep,
The burning heavens felt the thrill,
Startling the flocks of silly sheep
And lonely shepherds on the hill.

To-night beneath the dripping bows
Where flashing bubbles burst and throng,
The bow-wash murmurs and sighs and soughs
A message from the angels’ song.

The moon goes nodding down the west,
The drowsy helmsman strikes the bell;
Rex Judaeorum natus est,
I charge you, brothers, sing Nowell ,
Rex Judaeorum natus est.

Happy Christmas and I know that we are all looking forward to a much better 2021.

See you on the water soon. Stay Safe.

Andy Brown WSC review editor.

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