Flaghoist – Jan 2021

Dear sailors, boaters and kayakers,

Residential Courses in Sail Training and local youth dinghy sailing will hopefully start again in the spring. The lack of ability to conduct residential courses has been hard for Sail Training. Many of us in the Parish will remember those adventure sailing voyages and other outdoor learning courses as major turning points in our personal development. In November a new “All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) formed the “Outdoor Learning APPG”. The new group of MPs will be a vital part of continued effort to persuade Government to enable residential visits when safe to do so. Furthermore, the group will provide valuable long-term political support for the Outdoor Learning sector, driving understanding of the value of outdoor learning and seeking a more formal role for outdoor learning within education. This is a very positive move. Please consider booking your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews with one of our local sailing organisations. These include: Horizons Children’s Sailing Charity, Plymouth Youth Sailing, Sailing Tectona and the Island Trust. A oogle of the name will find you their contact details. All are working extremely hard to keep everything COVID Safe. Please do give them a call.

2020 WSC Donations made: This year WSC has made four donations, one to the RNLI of E 250 and three EIOO grants to local sailing organisations, PYS (Plymouth Youth Sailing), Horizons Children’s Sailing Charity and Sailing Tectona. The following was received from Andrew Eccleston, a trustee of Horizons, along with a letter of thanks:

“For almost 30 years Horizons has been working with disadvantaged young people in Plymouth. This is a great maritime city, but it is also a place where social deprivation affects the everyday lives of many young people. The work of Horizons Plymouth is a direct response to the needs of these young people. We do this by taking the children sailing in Plymouth Sound. Learning to sail is a great way for a young person to develop confidence and skills, but it is often seen as a pastime for well-offfamilies.

We target the most deserving youngsters and offer them this opportunity with no cost barrier. Each year we engage with 10 Primary Schools in the city, targeting those located in the areas of most social deprivation. The children are then invited to join our Sailing Club’ and get afloat with us on a regular basis. Horizons is an RYA recognised Training Centre with two very experienced Instructors, so many of these youngsters also go on to gain RYA qualifications — and this is a great boost to their confidence and selfesteem which feeds through into other parts of their lives.

Every year we deliver more than 200 sailing sessions which involve 1,200+ different children, many of whom also have additional needs. We rely heavily on a small army of volunteers and receive no statutory funding so have to work hard at raising the funds we need to maintain our staff and fleet of boats.”

Thank you to all the WSC members who have made this small donation possible. The WSC are looking for nominations for the 2021 donations preferring to award to a charity or organisation with a local connection. If you have a charity, organisation or individual that you would like to nominate please email wemburysailingclub@gmail.com.

Stay safe on the water, Andy Brown, Editor WSC Flaghoist.


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