Flaghoist – Jan 2022



Sailing Club

Web site:                            www.wemburysailingclub.org.uk

Contact:                              wemburysailingclub@gmail.com

Dear WSC Sailors, boaters and kayakers

Happy New Year. We are all really looking forward to the next sailing, kayaking and fishing season.

Winter Training Opportunities. If you are planning on going afloat in 2022, please consider using the winter months to “up skill” and complete some training or courses with our local providers such as Plymouth Sailing School / SeaRegs or any of the organisations below. Now is a good time to complete VHF radio training, a marine engine course (diesel and outboard engine training), Sea survival (liferaft) training, pool kayak capsize training or any other RYA navigation training e.g. Day Skipper Theory courses. If you would like some advice and help, please do not hesitate to email me via the WSC email address above.

2021 WSC Donations made: This year WSC has donated a total of £ 1000, split between seven charities as follows.


PDSSA (Plymouth and Devon Schools Sailing Association) – will use the funds to support the PDSSA “Sailability” section by sponsoring sessions afloat for two young disabled sailors.


Plymouth Youth Sailing funds as this will enable 2 young people to have Junior stage 2 course and a year’s membership from next Easter.


Horizons Children Sailing Charity: Horizons Plymouth exists to create opportunities for disadvantaged and disabled young people to develop skills, confidence and self-esteem through water-based activities. Funds will support two young people to sail this year.


Island Trust / Ocean Discoverability project – will support one young person to sail on an “Ocean Discoverability” voyage.  Ocean Discoverability sails support young people from special needs schools and day centres in Plymouth, Devon, and Cornwall. Some with life-limiting conditions.


Sailing Tectona monies will sponsor a “block” with WSC marked on ir as part of their latest fund-raising program working with people in recovery from addiction. Tectona is currently at Millbrook and using folk who are in recovery to complete a major refit expecting to sail again next year. They have been also in 2021, using “Olga”, a Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter owned by Swansea Museum for recovery and young people voyages.


Ocean Youth Trust funds will support a young person from Dartmouth Academy. They are using voyages for their more disadvantaged students and people who are struggling for various reasons, and they are fundraising hard for a West Country voyage in July.


A further donation has been made to the RNLI to support their operations for which we are all extremely grateful for.

The sums that have been donated are simply a gesture to thank each of those organisations working with people in our area for all the wonderful work that they all do. Thank you. Each orgnaisation requires continuous support throughout the year both in terms of funding but also from volunteers to help in numerous ways. If you are able to help financially or as a volunteer, please do so. If you email WSC we can put you in touch.

Thank you so much to all the WSC members who have made these small donations possible. The WSC are looking for nominations for the 2022 donations preferring to award to charities or organisations with a local connection and conducting activities on the water in the local area. The decision for any donations is made in November. If you have a charity, organisation or individual that you would like to nominate please email wemburysailingclub@gmail.com.

On Sunday 6th March 2022, we plan to hold our AGM – COVID permitting. Please join us especially if you want a space in the boat park next year. Details will be emailed to members. On Sunday 20th March – All hands to the pumps for the Boat Park clean-up please for the season and on Friday 1st April – The boat park opens again.

Stay safe on the water.           Andy Brown    Editor – WSC FH Wembury Review



Sailing with the Island Trust:

Sailing with PDSSA: Plymouth and Devon Schools Sailing Association


Servicing one of the many rigging blocks on Tectona:

Sailing with Ocean Youth Trust:

Plymouth Youth Sailing in Jennycliff:

Horizons Sailing:

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