WSC Rules and Regulations

SUBS & FEES: Membership Subscriptions (all classes): £ 5
Boat Park Fees: Dinghies/Boats £ 25
Kayaks £ 10
Surf/Sailboards £ 10
Visitor (Membership & Boat) £ 10
Boat secretary – Chris Stebbings 863102

Kayak secretary – Pete Ward 862525 or Mark Neal 863470

MEMBERSHIP: Membership is welcome from non-boat park users and all who wish to support the Club. New applications from non-Wembury Parish residents will be subject to the 25% limit of Associate Members. Visitors are welcome (Max 2 weeks).

BOAT PARK SEASON: The Boat Park is open from 1st April until 31st October The Riding School gate key is available (courtesy of Churchwood Valley) for towing access only. Key holders: Chris Stebbings (863102) or Pete Ward ( 862525 ). In the years when Easter falls in March the National Trust may allow the Boat Park to open on Good Friday. Confirmation that this concession has been agreed will be announced at the club AGM (usually held in early March) immediately preceding
the Boat park opening. If an announcement is not made, then the opening will remain at 1st April.

IMPOUNDING & RELEASE FEE: Members are reminded that all vessels (boats, kayaks and boards) must be removed by 31st October. The National Trust impose a penalty clause in the clubs Annual Licence making the Club liable for £10 per vessel per month left in the Boat Park from 1st November. Vessels left in the Boat Park after 31st Oct and any improperly parked during the season may be impounded and subject to a release fee of £25 or greater if the Committee consider the circumstances warrant it.


  1. There is a waiting list for the parking of vessels in the Boat Park and access to this waiting list is only available to members.
  2. Vessel parking slots will be allocated to those who had vessels in the Boat Park the previous year. No vessel is to be placed in the Boat Park without prior approval of a parking slot by the Boat/kayak secretary.
  3. Parking for vessels in the Boat Park comprise the boat tie to chains and the kayak racking. Dinghies and boats are to be neatly placed along the chains and kayaks on the racking. However, during seasons where there are vacant spaces on the boat chains kayaks may, at the discretion of the club committee, be permitted to park along the chains. The parking of kayaks along the boat chains is subject to the following:
    – Parking of boats on the boat chains will have priority over the parking of kayaks.
    – The number of spaces available for the parking of kayaks on boat chains will
    be subject to review by the boat/kayak secretaries after 1st May each year.
    Spaces will not be allotted until after that review.
    – Priority for kayaks placed on the boat chains will be based on the kayak waiting
    – Allocation of a kayak slot on the boat chains will be on an annual basis and
    does not entitle any right for a slot in subsequent years.
    – Permission for the parking of kayaks on the boat chains in any year does not
    construe that similar arrangements will be available in subsequent years.
    Announcement of permission for any particular year will be made at the AGM immediately preceding the boat park opening. All kayaks stored on the boat chains will be liable to the full annual fee of £10/kayak.
  1. Membership Subscriptions and vessel fees are to be paid and the vessel & owner
    identification details must be registered and the Liability Disclaimer signed before any vessel is placed in the Boat Park. At the same time as making their application for membership, a photograph of the vessel/s is to be sent to the membership secretary.
  2. On payment of fees, and before placing boats or kayaks in the boat park, members must clearly mark their vessels with their membership number.
  3. Kayaks must be stored on the racking in the storage bay allocated or in the space allocated on boat tie to chains. Kayaks parked on the boat chains must be clearly and visibly marked with the club membership number.
  4. If the rack space/boat slot is left vacant after the 1st May, the member forfeits the right to the slot for the rest of the season. If this is repeated for a 2nd year the committee has the discretion to reallocate the slot permanently.
  5. The committee have agreed to a vessel limit for the boat park: 2 boats and/or 3 kayaks per member.
  6. Vessels to be parked tidily as per the Committee plan and should not obstruct or hinder other users.
  7. Vessels to be secured around (not to) the boat tie to chain only & not around posts nor using the tyre hoops (this allows the Committee to move vessels if necessary e.g. to run club BBQs, etc).
  8. Unidentifiable vessels will be removed and liable to be impounded as are vessels where Membership or Boat Park fees are outstanding after two weeks notice (with a release fee payable).
  9. Vehicles must not be left parked in the Boat Park or its approaches. The Churchwood Valley Car Park is only to be used when taking down or retrieving vessels.
  10. The Boat Park must be kept tidy and free of old boating equipment, litter and junk. Please cut long grass & nettles by your vessel from time to time for the benefit of the neighbouring vessel owners.
  11. Members will be entitled to retain their rack slot/bay they were previously allocated. Members sharing a bay may, if in agreement with the other bay occupant, put a 3rd kayak in the bay (as long as it fits comfortably), this arrangement will require re-negotiation on an annual basis and will be at the discretion of the kayak secretary.
  12. All kayaks will be liable to the annual fee of £10/ kayak.
  13. There is a one off non-refundable, non-transferable fee of £25/slot (£50 per bay) entitling the member to occupy the space for an open ended period as long as membership & use is maintained.
  14. Allocation of kayak slots will remain under the control of the kayak secretary. The racking is only to be used for parking of kayaks. Climbing on the racking is not permitted.
    Members are advised to pay due regard to weather & sea conditions, to take all reasonable safety precautions and to hold appropriate insurance including liability insurance.
    Members are also reminded that boating, including any activity arranged by the Club is undertaken by Members ‘voluntarily’ at their own risk. The Club is not liable for any loss or damage to property or boats or for injury to persons using the Boat Park. Members should satisfy themselves that they are physically capable of lifting/moving their vessels and are reminded that the ground of the boat park may be uneven and slippery.
    Do not leave items that can easily ‘walk’, such as oars, loose in boats. Boat tie to chains are laid so that members can secure their vessels hindering casual removal but not determined theft. There is always the danger of items stolen or vessels damaged to provide fuel for BBQ fires.
    Please report any suspicious circumstances urgently to a Committee member or to

Members’ Compliance: Members impliedly accept the Rules & Regulations of the Club when they apply for or renew their membership. Acceptance of the Rules also will be deemed to constitute consent to the holding of relevant personal data for the purposes of the Data Protection Acts.
Membership Classes:
– Member – Individual 18 or over resident in Wembury Parish
– Family Member – Interpreted as covering co-habiting adults & their children under
18 and young adults 25 or under at the same address
– Associate Member – An individual or family not resident in Wembury Parish
– Temporary Member – An individual or family visiting the area (2 weeks max).
Marine Conservation Code of Conduct and The Great Mewstone
The Wembury Marine Conservation Area Advisory Group has requested water users follow the guidance given in their Code of Conduct and, as a measure to protect the breeding population of seabirds, that members do not land on the Mewstone.

The Committee thank you for your co-operation.

WSC Committee, March 2021.

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